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First Bull Elk

Species - Elk (bull)

Location - B.C. Region 4

Type - G.O.S. 6-point bull, Rifle

Style - Backpack, multi day

Time of Year - Mid. Sept.

Details - Curt and Dev backpacked into one of their honey holes for elk, planning to stay a max of 4 nights if necessary, with a new plan of attack, they were able to get Curt his first bull elk after many years of trying!


 Caribou Hunt

Species - Caribou (bull)

Location - B.C. Region 5

Type - L.E.H. Draw, Rifle

Style - Horse back, multi day

Time of Year - Early Sept.

Details - Devin and his dad Gary took 5 horses into the Itcha mountains, about 40 kms in. Connected on a great bull opening morning!

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