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A couple BC boys who grew up hunting and fishing with their family in the Caribou region. As they grew older so did their passion for exploring the back country of this great province. Since they live in different parts of the province now, they try and do at least one backpack hunting trip together each year. If they're not planning a back country elk hunt, it's figuring out how to hike into sheep country for the opportunity of a lifetime.


Devin Gassoff

Curtis Gassoff

Lives in the West Kootenays with his wife and two girls. Makes a living as a Steel Fabricator running the shop floor at a manufacturing company.

Lives in the Cariboo with his wife, where most of the Gassoff clan resides. Is an electrician by trade and makes a living helping run a family owned contracting company.

Our Story

Starting a podcast had never crossed our minds, we have been hunting together our whole lives, and in the last decade have really fallen in love with backpack hunting, backcountry adventures and the opportunities that come with them.  Our passion really started to take stride as we began backpack hunting for elk in the Kootenays, with many hunts together and a lot of lessons learned, we kept pushing deeper every year learning more about what it takes to hunt off your back.  Sheep hunting was on the list of hunts to do together, and being able to hunt sheep over the counter in BC is an extraordinary opportunity that we hope to do for years to come! Listen along as we hope to bring you as many interesting hunting stories as we can! 

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